Upcoming Programs

Upcoming Programs

These are the live events we will be hosting here on the CAP UCLA Online channel

Upcoming Programs
  • Thu, Apr 15: DakhaBrakha

    Reflecting fundamental elements of sound and soul, Ukrainian “ethno-chaos” band DakhaBrakha, create a world of unexpected new music. Firmly rooted at the crossroads of Ukrainian folklore and theater, DakhaBrakha’s musical spectrum is both intimate and riotous, plumbing the depths of traditional a...

  • Sat, Mar 6: Israel Galván: Solo

    Israel Galván is one of the world’s leading flamenco artists, described by The Evening Standard as “achieving the near impossible feat of embodying flamenco’s ‘duende,’ or demon, while avoiding clichés.” Galván will perform Solo, a work of pure dance that is stripped of all the accoutrements usua...

  • Sat, Jan 16: Charles Lloyd: Kindred Spirits

    Royce Hall and UCLA hold a special history for legendary saxophonist Charles Lloyd. In the 1960s he sold out two nights in the famed concert hall with his quartet featuring Keith Jarrett, Ron McClure and Jack DeJohnette. This year he returns with an equally astonishing group of musicians featurin...

  • Thu, Jan 28: L.A. Omnibus: Omar Offendum

    Join us for a musical and poetic conversation about unity and belonging with this Los Angeles based, Syrian-American rapper/spoken word artist.
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  • Fri, Feb 12: Douglas J. Cuomo's Seven Limbs

    Seven Limbs, composed by Douglas J. Cuomo, is based on the Tibetan Buddhist practice of purification. It juxtaposes Cline's wildly inventive guitar playing and use of electronic effects with the Aizuri Quartet’s classically-based but forward-thinking musical style.
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