Upcoming Programs

Upcoming Programs

These are the live events we will be hosting here on the CAP UCLA Online channel

Upcoming Programs
  • Thu, Nov 4: Tune In Festival - Day 1

    Day 1 of The Tune In Festival is featuring:
    Conversation with the Curators: Kristy Edmunds, J.Ivy, Lisa Kaplan; Sunni Patterson; Thalea String Quartet: Carrot Revolution by Gabriella Smith; Mina Tindle with Bryce Dessner; Thalea String Quartet with Lisa Kaplan: Prospects of a Misplaced Year by An...

  • Fri, Nov 5: Tune In Festival - Day 2

    Day 2 of The Tune In Festival is featuring:
    Karim Sulayman; Eighth Blackbird: Singing in the Dead of Night by Julia Wolfe; The Furies: Did He Promise You Tomorrow; Mariee Sioux

  • Sat, Nov 6: Tune In Festival - Day 3

    Day 3 of The Tune In Festival is featuring:
    Tarrey Torae; Tongo Eisen-Martin: It’s Midnight Already; Eighth Blackbird: The Clarity of Cold Air by Jonathan Bailey Holland; anzû quartet: Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen (Video designed by Xuan Zhang)

  • Sun, Nov 7: Tune In Festival - Day 4

    Day 4 of The Tune In Festival is featuring: Jessica Care Moore: Such a Wild Beauty; Thalea String Quartet: Source Code by Jessie Montgomery; Errollyn Wallen: Daedalus; Anthony R. Green: I returned, I wanted to; J. Ivy; Thalea String Quartet: Mightosis by Ayanna Woods; Thalea String Quartet: Sacre...