Artists & Activists

Artists & Activists

Conversations with innovative environmental activists about art, environmental justice and single-use plastics.

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Artists & Activists
  • The Plastic Bag Store: A Behind-The-Scenes Conversation

    During a short break in the installation of The Plastic Bag Store, creator Robin Frohardt sat down for a conversation with Ursula Heise and Jon Christensen from Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies (LENS), to talk about the creative process and how artists are inspired to devise narr...

  • More Art, Less Plastic

    More Art, Less Plastic: a conversation with innovative environmental activists about art, education and single-use plastics. In conjunction with the Los Angeles presentation of Robin Frohardt’s The Plastic Bag Store installation and film, we invite you discover two Los Angeles-based trailblazers ...

  • Unpacking The Plastic Crisis

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    A dynamic discussion exploring how local environmental...